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Cows are one of the first species to have been domesticated by man mostly during the late Neolithic period (Stone Age).  More than 200 species of large land mammals exist on earth yet over 90 percent of these have been found to be impossible to domesticate. Cow is the only species in the world whose every product and by-product is wholesomely consumed by the human race inherently for its betterment.

In the course of their evolution through the ages, the Indian native cows have developed some special characteristics and are hence acclaimed the world over for their unique and wonderful properties. With a capacity to absorb energy from the sun’s rays through the “solar pulse” located on the humps on their backs, these native cows yield superior quality milk with the potential to enhance man’s physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well-being.

Srimad Bhagavat Gita: Chapter 10, Verse 28

“Dhenunam Asmi Kaamadhuk”

Meaning: Among cows I am the wish-fulfilling Cow.

Here Lord Krishna is manifest as Kamadhenu, the divine, wish-fulfilling cow.

Kamadhenu, also known as Surabhi, is described in Hindu mythology as the mother of all cows. All cows are venerated in Hinduism as the earthly embodiment of the Kamadhenu.

It is believed that out of the countless vibrations present in the universe, 33 crore different vibrations are necessary for sustenance of different types of lives on earth. The Native Indian breed of Cow is the only animal to have all these 33 crore vibrations present in its body.

In the scriptures different types of “snanam” (bathing) like Mantra snanam, Yoga snanam, Brahma snanam etc is mentioned to purify oneself and to get rid of ones negativity. The most important and best “snanam” for purification is called the Gau Dhuli Snanam. This signifies application of the dust that accumulates under the feet of the cow on one’s forehead for the purpose of cleansing and ridding oneself of all negativity.

SURABHIVANA is home to multiple cow breeds.



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