Guruji, I am a very spontaneous person, without any discrimination. Then, when I find that these very same people who have been loved and helped, have been cunning and discriminatory towards me, I feel very upset, and distance myself from them. Am I wrong?

Being spontaneous, helpful and loving is a wonderful nature. Nature teaches us to be spontaneous, helpful and loving. All are not blessed to have such a nature, do not spoil yourself by developing hatred or discrimination. This world is made up of all kinds of people who are journeying through life, learning their lessons and evolving themselves towards their final goal of Self-realisation.

Each one is free to behave as he or she wishes to. You are required to behave according to your original nature. However, when you live in this world, you come across sections of people who cause harm to others, hurt others or are oblivious to others’ feelings. The choice is left to us to deal with them in an appropriate manner. If we are happy taking a remedial action, without hurting others or encroaching upon their rights, we are at liberty to continue our actions.

If the reactions of others are causing distress to us, until we learn to manage our distress, it is alright to distance ourselves from such people who upset us. There is nothing right or wrong about it. One has to remember that when our basic nature is loving and forgiving, then every experience teaches us a lesson and prepares us to deal with our emotions and situations in an evolved way.

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