Gyr Cow | Gir

The Indian Gir Cow is considered to be one of the gentler breed of cows from India. Basically a milk giving breed, they are known for their heavy build and docile temperament. This Indian breed originated in the Gir forest region and the surrounding districts of the Saurashtra region of Gujarat. This breed can easily give good competition to the high milk yielding cows like Jersey from the western countries.

The Gir breed loves being with humans. They adore being brushed and caressed.

They are distinctive in appearance, with a large head, a domed forehead, narrow face, long pendulous ears and horns which sweep back and spiral up. Their eyes are hooded and black-pigmented. Their coat colours are varied but generally mottled and consist of red and speckled red/white. Their skins are darkly pigmented with short glossy hair.

They have whip-like tails which can be deadly on the insects. These cows are not susceptible to any infestation and have good general resistance to diseases.

Today, this breed is apparently on the verge of extinction from India. Gujarat is estimated to have only around 3,000 pure breed of cows at present.

Currently, at Surabhivana, we have around 16 pure breed Gir cows.

Indian Cow Facts

Brazil is the biggest exporter of Indian Gir Cows and these cow records over 62 litres milk/day in Brazil.