Agnihotra Homa

Experiment with Agnihotra

Water Experiment

Water pollution is something that is causing lot of people lot of headache. This is because of the water resources that we have in the world today are contaminated. In fact in one of the documentation of American water systems Lot of people talk about that america is self sufficient in terms of lakes and water resources. Below is the experiment using agnihotra


Unfortunately the statistics does not show that, The quantum is there, the lakes are there, but the portable water is getting depleted day by day. The ph value in american water is 2.54 which is highly acidic. Even in India which is not good on that grounds. The ph value of indian water is 4.57. Agnihotra gives a lot of hope for water purification. We have done some experimentation and I think one can do it oneself. Take about 13 litres of water, add one spoon of agnihotra ash and after ten minutes test it in any pathological lab. We did it and found that 91% of ecoli just vanished. The major issue is the nitrate in the water because of excess usage of urea. When agnihotra ash was added to that we found water becoming totally free from nitrates. Which is amazing. Actually the lancet oxygen content in the water increased and the lancet oxygen is supposed to be very good for health.

This shows that how our Indian cows can be so benefial in every way we can think of.

Agnihotra Facts

Agnihotra atmosphere acts as a shield in which bacteria, especially the pathogenic types are not allowed to grow. Further there is a major reduction in aerial micro flora after performing Agnihotra. It is observed that the Agnihotra atmosphere was markedly bacteriostatic. In it more than 96% growth of bacteria was inhibited.