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Surabhivana requires support from all cow-lovers and well-wishers in order to keep up the work of protecting the indian breed of cows. We humbly request you to generously come forward and lend a helping hand in this effort. We are eagerly looking forward for your generous contributions, either in cash or in kind.

Donation may include anything – foods for the cows, cash, necessary equipment for the cleaning of the sheds, materials like paints, clothes etc. On occasions like grihapravesha, parties, birthdays, weddings, and other fortunate occasions, one can donate a day’s meal or other foods for the cows. We have various options for cow-lovers to contribute and seek the blessings of gau-matha.

People are free to make donations at any time according to their wishes. It can be daily, weekly or even monthly- it’s whole upon the wish of the donors. If you have any query regarding the donation, you can contact us through email. You can also write to us at the addresses given below.

Any Contributions/Donations via DD/Cheque should be issued in favour of –

‘Om Prakruthi Dhama Trust’,

The Saraswat Co-operative Bank Ltd.

M.G Road, Mangalore-575003 Branch

SB A/c No. 2432 1910 0000 011

IFSC CODE – SRCB 0000 243

All donations made to “Om Prakruthi Dhama Trust” are exempt under the Section 80/G of Income Tax.

Please Note – To avail the 80 G deductions, please email us your name, address and amount details to surabhivana@gmail.com, after remittance.

You can send your cheques to –

Project Surabhivana, C/0 Ramdas and Brothers Jewellers, Shop No.10, Manasa Towers, M.G.Road, Mangalore-575003, Dist-D.K., Karnataka, India

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On the eve of family occasions like gruhapravesha, birthday, weddings, anniversaries, you can donate a day’s food expense for the cows. Gau-mathas will confer their blessings on you and your family