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Dear Readers,

As promised in my last article, I shall try and write to you about my understanding of Baba’s Paravaani prasaad. Baba explained as to how a Yogi always sees through his inner eyes. “In general, we all see this world through our eyes.

But a Yogi dwells in an inner state with his gaze turned inwards and sees the world with his inner eyes only. Due to this, a Yogi always remains in a state of equilibrium. No matter what he sees inside-outside, here-there, up-down, his gaze rests on the supreme consciousness within – the God-realised state. The Yogi always remains in a state of inner joy (Aananda) and keeps singing, “Hey Great!!! Great!! God whatever I see is you only, inside and outside you only. Whatever I feel, is you only. Hey Great! Great Yogi Shri Krishna you are mine and I am yours. You are inside me and I am inside you, everything in this universe, all living beings and non-living beings; all trees, mountains, rivers and everything I see is only you and every-thing belongs to you only. You are constant and you remain everywhere and in everything.” The Yogi says, “Whenever you see, whoever you see, wherever you see, try to see Krishna the great Yogi ‘Maha Yogeshwar’. In all states – only Krishna exists in everything and you belong to Krishna. So try to see only Krishna everywhere, in every state and in everything. Krishna is always inside you, he is your only friend, he always remains with you, inside you. He is the only friend you have. You may stay in any place, but try to find Krishna inside you. The love for Krishna is the only love and this is the ultimate love. So devote yourself to Krishna and always remain with him inside yourself, whether you are involved in any worldly activities or in spiritual activities. Put your efforts to realize Krishna, all your efforts and activities should be targeted to realize him. He is always with you and will remain inside you. Just become part of Krishna, whenever you speak, wherever you speak just speak Krishna only. Only Krishna, only and only Krishna.” One needs to devote himself completely to Krishna (The God). He will take care of you in any state and condition. The Yogi says, “Hey Krishna! – I just see only you when I close my eyes or open my eyes. Everywhere, inside me or in the outside world I can see only Krishna. In this universe, Krishna is dissolved in everything in a tiny state.”

To sum up, a Yogi always remains with Krishna within. He sees Krishna in everything, everywhere and in every state. One needs to develop such a state and remain so forever.” I could feel myself full of total and ultimate joy within me and my legs slowly-slowly started dancing on Baba’s rhythm though I tried to hold myself from dancing, as a thought went through my mind as to what people sitting near around me would think. In the next article I shall try to explain the topic on which Baba later spoke to me – “Yog ki AntarDrusthi”

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