Agnihotra in Peru

Agnihotra Peru

As far as agnihotra is concerned it is not a religious ritual. It is a scientific ritual and a spiritual ritual. You don’t have to worship or believe a God in a particular faith or belief system. It is a mechanical phenomenon. It has to happen whether a hindu does it or christian does or muslim does it. It has nothing to do with religion at all.


It started springing up and spreading mainly in the catholic countries, the south American countries like peru, venezuela, columbia and that is where the agnihotra has taken deep roots. There has been a lot of farmer suicides in India especially the Maharashtra and Madhya pradesh and some parts of Andhra. Which had been a major problem for the government. Obviously because thousands of farmers had committed suicide in the last few years. And venezuela and peru had similar kind of problem till 1996. They took loans from the banks, which they could never repay and that put a lot of financial stress in the families. 1996 was the first time they used the agnihotra in peru and venezuela and we have a report to say that from that time till today no farmer has committed suicide. Infact the finance ministry which finances the agricultural sector say that people who have taken loan for 15 years have repaid that in 2-3 years. So farmers have lot of financial stabilities now. And it is across the border, that has nothing to do with religion and intact the agni- the fire is not been confined only to the hindu religion. Infact the native Americans are very strong fire worshippers, fire worshipping is all over.

VasantRao Paranjpe Ji was once telling us, that in Amazon forest when he was doing a penance for agniohtra. Amazon forest is selected for some reason. In 1972 when Gajanan Maharaj asked him to go to peru region and in amazon forest when he was teaching people on how to do agnihotra. He was encountered by the locals there, with sword in one hand and bible in other hand. They said that you cannot teach these things here. They were ready to kill him saying you either prepare to die or get out from here. You cannot teach fire. And that time something miraculous happened. Vasant Rao Ji told them that agnihotra is not against bible. Infact iin quoted from Bible where Jesus says that in this life I have come to baptise you with water and in my next birth I ll come and baptise you with fire.

He has given some references in Islam also when the divine fire was seen by the Mohammed in the forest. Now fire is across the religion. Over a period of time we have got entangled in the religious differences. But agnihotra is acceptable by all communities because basically it works on mind and bodies and the human existence and I don’t believe human existence has any religion to start with. Religion is the way of life we have adopted and one does not have to get confined to that. It does not expect you to follow a particular faith or believe in any God. Like you work on the gravitational Law without believing in any faith. IN short you really don’t need to believe in agnihotra for it to happen. It just happens whether you believe it or not.

Agnihotra Facts

Agnihotra provides a tranquilizing effect on your mind and it unburdens it from the various strain and stress of daily duties. It actually instills feelings of love in the mind, making you a good community member.