A Personal Message

I personally would like to say that agnihotra works on human existence. I woulnt differentiate the human existence with the atmosphere or the environmental existence. We are born with the Universe, we live with the universe and we die with the universe.I strongly believe in the theory of managing the manageable.

The only thing one can manage is oneself. Agnihotra beautifully assists and helps and even enhances your abilities to manage oneself and if each one just follows this particular method and practice of agnihotra, then in not only you but people around you, your own images, there will be lot of purity and lot of balance in life. I think the whole world would benefit. Agnihotra has the ability to make the heaven on earth possible.

Lot of people have been asking me when satyuga is going to come because there are lot figures that are floating around right from 125000 years to 21 dec 2012 ( some people are so precise ). I think if you follow agnihotra the heaven will come tomorrow. If 600 crores or 6000 million people do agnihotra one day, the heaven has arrived.

So it is not as distant and as far it looks to be. I has to do it. I think the time has come again. I have nothing really to document, but it is said that NASA in july 2003 came out with one report which was very disturbing. The report was presented to the President of America and part of that was leaked out by British Tabloids in July. It is said that NASA is very keen on doing agnihotra. They are observing it very keenly and doing lot of experimentations. And they have realized and they have recommended this strongly that the situation is so bad on this planet that not only one agnihotra per family is going to work. All the members of the family have to do their own agnihotra everyday.

I am very happy that this is not something religious or spiritual. It is something that modern scientific community has accepted. I think let us keep the religion out of life for some time and probably we would be a better community and that is what one should look for.

Vasanth Rao Paranjpe told me one day beautifully, when we were together in nashik, He told me look, if you, me and everybody else are put into one room and lock us from outside and throw the key in the ocean, even then agnihotra is going to spread because it is a divine wish. It is not because of people, it is not because of you and me that it is going to spread, despite all this agnihotra is going to spread to everybody, because its divine wish.

It is like lords Krishna lifted the Govardhan mountain with his little finger, that time all the villagers came to help with their latis. Not because lord krishna wanted that, it was their contribution, it would not have much difference to the performance, he would have used another little finger. It gives us some kind of feeling that we are the part of the movement.

Our efforts in promoting agnihotra is like the villagers efforts who were helping lord krishna to lift govardhan parvat.

Shri Ajit Telang

Agnihotra Facts

Agnihotra atmosphere induces rapid seed germination. Agnihotra ash is an effective fertilizer and helps in releasing soluble phosphate from the soil. When growing vegetables, fruit, crops, herbs etc, the plants become strengthened in their subtle energy structure by regular practice of the fire techniques and by giving ashes into the soil. This leads to better growth and better yield of harvest. Pest and weeds are largely kept away from the garden and in agriculture even without using pesticides. A large amount can be grown on a small field.