Agnihotra Homa
Agnihotra Mantras

Meaning of Agnihotra Mantra

Meaning of Agnihotra Mantras

| Agneye swaha | Agneya Idam namama |

| Prajapataye swaha | Prajapataye idam namama |


Agni is the principle of fire. One invokes this power by reciting this mantra.

| Agneye swaha | – Now take it and spread.

| Agneya Idam namama | – It is not mine now. It is yours.

It is like an author trying to talk to the publisher to spread his works. When he hands him his manuscript and says it is yours now, please spread it wherever you want. Because he can probably write a book but he cannot spread it. The spreading is the publishers job.

Fire is the best courier of everything. Fire element is everywhere. There is not a single thing which does not have the fire element. It is like a postal service with branches everywhere. And the whole idea is saying that now it is not mine and it is in the public domain. It is for the good will of the people.

| Prajapataye swaha |

| Prajapataye idam namama |

Prajapateya means the creator of the universe. The creator of the five elements. Even the agni, the fire element was created by the creator. Salutations are offered to the creator saying that, it is yours and please see that the fire element sends it all over. Spreading your love, your goodwill and your compassion etc.

The morning first line of the mantra is :-

| Sooryaya Swaha | Sooryaya idam namam |

| Prajapataye swaha | Prajapataye idam namama |

Here Soorya (The Sun) is invoked. It means this belongs to The Sun, is no longer mine. Swaha again as mentioned above means “take it and spread it”.

There are 2 kinds of offerings in Yagnya. One is swaha and one is Swadha. Now swadha means the offering is made to the Goddess of fire. The swaha actually in agnihotra is little more universal with respect to the other yagnyas. It means “take and spread, spread everywhere, I would like to reach myself to the whole world.” Now you are using something unlimited so that you can be everywhere in the whole universal environment.

The second mantra is the same

| Prajapataye swaha | Prajapataye idam namama |

Agnihotra Facts

The entire ecosystem profits from Agnihotra. To seek shelter and areas of relief, birds visit places where Agnihotra is done regularly.