Agnihotra Homa
Agnihotra Homa Farming

Agnihotra Homa Farming

Effect of Agnihotra on Vegetation and Plant Kingdom in farming.

The Effect of agnihotra that we have seen so far on plants and vegetation is phenomenally good. The plant’s yield multiplies, in terms of fruits and flowers. The second is the general health of these plants and trees is enormously improved. The third thing is the tremendous improvement in soil conditions.

Today the situation is so bad that the upper most 6 inches layer of soil in most of the countries all over the world has become acidic over a period of time. Because of acid rains and other polluted elements it is feared that in another few years there would be hardly any fertile soil available at all. During farming, Agnihotra directly works on the soil structure by which the soil is replenished with all the natural nutrients previously present in it.

The use of agnihotra, its application and its benefits can be seen with reference with people who are not using agnihotra in their farms. This is a clear indicator which tells us the difference between farms where agnihotra is done and farms where it is not.

Mr. Abhay Mutalik Desai is a chemical engineer by education and a farmer by profession in Belgaum, Karnataka. Since 1997 he has been doing agnihotra in his farm He has about 50 acres of land in which he hasn’t used even a single drop of insecticide all these years. This is something which directly benefits the agriculture, the horticulture, the plant life, the fauna and the flora around.

There are two three ways in which one can apply agnihotra in their farming.

One can do it by seed coating. The seeds can be coated by agnihotra ash. Secondly the ash can be mixed into the soil, so that the soil structure becomes much stronger and takes care of the acidity part. The phosphorus which is used in the fertilisers in much more pronounced in the soil where agnihotra ash is mixed, so one dose not have to use the phosphorus in the form of fertilisers. The nitrogen content and the potassium content are very high in the soils where agnihotra ash is mixed. So whatever fertilizers try to achieve, is achieved by the agnihotra ash anyways.

Thirdly we have seen that the pests and worms which normally affect the plants and trees and fruits etc can be totally take care of by doing agnihotra. Agnihotra ash when mixed with the water and sprayed on the trees the pests and insects have been eradicated.

Agnihotra Facts

Agnihotra brings about a transformation of electricities and ether, which extends up to the areas around the sun. It leads to a faster improvement of the nutritional structure in this region of our planet. Agnihotra Puries the Air that we breathe and reduces the toxic substances in the atmosphere.