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In India, cows wander on streets and there are hardly any people caring about them. They are left just as stray dogs where they roam on the roads, with some even bullied by the passers-by. Such cows are always hit by the people who seem it as fun to do so. Such cows need to be adopted or tamed by the locals in order to prevent them from the bullies or tortures they face. Surabhivana lays stress on these cows and requests people to join hands so that together we all can save our Gau Mata. It’s unfortunate to see that in India, where cows are worshipped as a Goddess, many people choose to ignore the conditions in which they are left to litter around and roam like just any other stray animal. Cows are valuable and it’s our duty to save this breed for it is only for our own benefit. We get milk by the cow which is, as we all know, necessary for our health. We need to preserve this rare species and for that it is necessary that people come forward to adopt them.

Surabhivana provides the taming of the Indian cows in its premises. There are many who can’t afford cows, and if some may do, they won’t be able to keep a cow due to many limitations. So, for them, it’s an amazing opportunity to fulfill their desire. People love cows and keep them as their family member. Surabhivana helps in fulfilling their desires, where they can keep a cow on a yearly basis. They can also feed them and can spend time with them at the Surabhivana premises. They will have to sponsor all the food and water for them and also it’s up to them to look into the maintenance of the animal for a year. To make it better, people are also encouraged to perform Gau-puja on various special occasions. It will be a pleasure for those wanting to adopt a cow if they do so.

The cost of adopting a cow for one year would be Rs.35000/-

To adopt a cow you can also pay this amount on a monthly basis.

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On the eve of family occasions like gruhapravesha, birthday, weddings, anniversaries, you can donate a day’s food expense for the cows. Gau-mathas will confer their blessings on you and your family